Nick Poranski our summer intern

Here is Nick Poranski, our summer intern. He is troubleshooting issues, rebuilding computers, and learning the IT management business. He’s doing a great job. #summerinternship

Boost your cell phone reception inside your house

Do you have poor cell phone reception in your house which makes you go outside to talk on the phone? Did you know that many cell phone carriers offer Mini cell towers for your house or signal boosters? The device connects to your home Internet and uses that to booster your cell reception giving you much better service. The downside …

iPhone won’t charge

My phone hasn’t been charging like it used to. Two weeks ago I was in travelling on vacation and I couldn’t get my phone to charge. I tried a new cable and that seemed to work but it was still sketchy. With my mouth I blew on the charger port but it didn’t help. Finally I took a wooden toothpick …

Free up space on iPhone

On of the big space hogs on the iPhone is from pictures, videos, audio attached in your messages/sms. Remember to save any pictures you want to keep and then delete the conversations. #freespace #iphone

Apple’s iOS8 new features for the iPhone coming this fall

iOS is coming this fall and Apple just announced several new features. Among them is changes to iMessage which allows you to send both Audio and Video files which can disappear if set after a short while just like SnapChat. Also you’ll be able to respond to messages directly from the lock screen. iOS8 will also come with a new …