You can now login to your Microsoft personal accounts without a password! Here is how you can set this up for your account. Let’s get started.


  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account. I am using my Hotmail for this test and I am going to **NOTE** This does NOT work with business accounts yet.

Login to Hotmail - IT Support

  1. REQUIRED, make sure you have the 2FA enabled using the Microsoft Authenticator setup if you don’t already.
    1. Google -
    2. Apple -


  1. Click the Avatar icon in the upper right corner and click My Microsoft Account

Click Avatar - IT Services

  1. Click on Update your Security Info

Update Security - Cyber Security

  1. Click on Turn on under the Passwordless account

Go Passwordless - IT Support

  1. Click Next

Confirm - IT Services

  1. A request will be sent to your Authenticator app.

Authenticator Approval - Cyber Security

  1. Click Approve

Password Removed - IT Support

  1. Now that it’s completed you will see the following message.

Braintek Managed IT Services

  1. All finished - Now, log out and back into your account.

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