6 Benefits to Having Disaster Recovery IT Services

Why is having disaster recovery IT service so important? It’s because small businesses often don’t think of how they’d handle a disaster if it happened until it actually happens. By then, and in most cases, the damage is already done, and recovery efforts are extremely challenging. Then you have business owners who don’t think it could happen, or they don’t think about it at all.

In any case, disastrous weather, fires, attacks, and electrical outages can all pose a very real threat to your important data. This is why it’s crucial for all business owners, regardless of size, to have disaster recovery IT services. It truly is a backup plan system for your data that keeps your business protected and accessible at all times. So, instead of going into panic mode because of lost data and/or damaged equipment, learn about these 6 benefits to having disaster recovery services.

  1. Lowers the Risk of Losing Your Data

Professional disaster recovery service ultimately lowers the chance of your business losing significant amounts of data – or all your data. This form of IT service support will routinely backup your business data to help minimize loss should a disaster occur.

  1. Prevents the Risk of Closing Your Business

Most small businesses couldn’t survive if they lost most or all of their data. When data loss is minimized, you have a much lower chance of having to close several months or weeks after a disaster. At the same time, recovery service allows you to quickly retrieve nearly 100% of your information and keep your business running.

  1. Keeps Your Data Protected Through Cloud Backup

Cloud back-ups enable small business owners to keep all of their data backed up. This is done regularly to ensure your saved information is as up to date as possible. Professional IT service providers, like Braintek, put your cloud data backup system in automation, so it’s always done. In the cloud, your data is always readily available and can be accessed as soon as it’s needed for any form of business data recovery.

  1. Lowers Your Risk of Financial Loss

Businesses that lose significant amounts of data, or have to close for a significant amount of time after a disaster, stand to lose a lot of money. In any scenario, you lose potential income because of what you’ve lost, or because of the downtime where your business wasn’t running. With disaster recovery services, however, the chances of losing financial profits are significantly lowered and you can continue to run.

  1. Minimizes Your Business Downtime

Downtime is almost guaranteed after a disaster, especially if data loss has occurred. However, both cloud backup and disaster recovery help to ensure that your downtime is very minimal. Ultimately, your data can be recovered quickly, and you keep going after a small hiccup or pause in operations. After Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in 2017, Braintek was there for their Houston businesses, helping them get back up-and-running again as quickly as possible.

  1. Minimizes Loss of Productivity

Extended downtime not only means a loss of profits, it also means a loss of productivity. When your employees cannot work because they don’t have access to the necessary information, your business cannot produce. Professional disaster recovery gets your data and business equipment recovered and restored as quickly as possible, so employees can return to work.

Significant natural disasters like fires and floods will cause substantial damage to your business property, making it inaccessible for several weeks or months. In these instances, the saving grace with IT support services means that your data is still available for those who can work remotely. Depending on the type of business you have, employees can remain productive by working from home with replaced or new equipment and saved data.

Protect Your Business & Your Data

As a small or mid-sized business owner, you can stand to benefit greatly from disaster recovery and IT support services. If you’re doing business in the Greater Houston area, be sure to connect with the IT professionals at Braintek. Call us at tel:281-367-8253 for more information, or to schedule a consultation. You don’t have to take chances on losing valuable data and network set-up again, protect your business today.

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