Is Your Business Data Secured for Cyber Monday?

Businesses look forward to Cyber Monday every year and anticipate a nice surge as the holiday shopping season begins. However, not every site has its business data as secure as it should be, suggesting there are risks facing retail site owners as well as opportunities.

Is Your Data Really Safe?

Since businesses rely on data to function, it’s vitally important the data be protected, especially around the times of year when cyber threats and risks of business data being compromised are high. In many instances, businesses have less-than-adequate backup systems in place, with many not even having a complete backup of data onsite.

Even sites with onsite backups may not be fully protected, as ransomware and other threats can easily penetrate typical security protocols businesses have in place. That’s why cyber-security experts now routinely recommend business owners take advantage of cloud-based business data backup opportunities, along with other onsite measures.

What Threats Do Sites Face on Cyber Monday?

Actually, the same threats are present throughout the year, but the huge volume of business transactions that take place over the holiday season attracts more cyber-crime. Since so many business owners depend on the proceeds of sales generated on Cyber Monday and the remainder of the holiday season, those businesses tend to be quite vulnerable to cyber-attacks on and before Cyber Monday.

That enhanced vulnerability means it may be time to look into taking extra precautions to protect your data from exploitation over the holiday shopping season. The first step is to grasp the types of threats most commonly seen:

  • Ransomware is, arguably, the biggest threat experienced by online merchants, especially during the holiday season. Cyber criminals use sophisticated programming to lock site owners out, preventing them from accessing files. Since access to data is always important, businesses targeted by ransomware are, essentially, out of business if immediate access to backup files isn’t available.
  • Ad fraud is rapidly increasing and is bound to increase over the holidays. Because these attacks are so sophisticated, immediate professional help and access to systems is crucial to counter the attacks. These types of attacks immediately impact sales and can lead to non-payment of revenues.
  • Man-in-the-Middle attacks involve malware that redirects unknowing viewers to sites that capture the viewer’s data and financial information. That means customers won’t get the merchandise they think they’re ordering or paying for, and businesses don’t generate the revenue needed to stay in business.

There are other threats businesses are forced to face each day; and without taking steps to protect business data, most will risk losing significant revenue on Cyber Monday and the remainder of the holiday season.

Protecting Your Business & Your Customers

Backing up data is the most important step your business can take to protect both the business itself and your customers. Although onsite backups are worthwhile, today’s business owners generally find cloud-based business data systems are far superior.

Braintek in Houston, for example, recommends even small and mid-sized businesses to explore the benefits of cloud-based backups to minimize cyber threats, ransomware, and other malicious software programs that quickly impact businesses during the busiest online retail time of the year.

It’s time to take the first step towards maintaining control of your business data. Start by getting more information from one of Houston’s premier IT Support companies, Braintek, to learn more ways to protect your business on Cyber Monday and throughout the holiday season. Call us at (281) 367-8253 for assistance, or browse Braintek services anytime!