Is Your Cloud Data Secure

Is Your Cloud Data Protected Against Loss?

As of this posting, it is more common today than ever before to see a company’s entire IT software infrastructure consist entirely of cloud applications (i.e., cloud apps). So the question then becomes – is this data safely backed up in the cloud?

Yes and no.

The most notable of the SaaS (software as a service) providers today, such as Amazon, and Google do provide a level of security with some data backup add-on options, but data recovery and restoration in the event of a disaster is not their core business. In spite of this fact, many businesses still rely on these services to work – even without a data backup and recovery plan in place.

Many companies have opted to operate with the risk of loss rather than to take the steps necessary to back up their critical data. Unfortunately, catastrophe and disastrous employee errors happen more often than one might think. Proactively assessing your risk before disaster strikes can effectively help prevent the incidents that can ultimately sink your business.

Disasters come in a variety of ‘flavors’ – many of which we can’t plan for. It’s a common misconception that the biggest risk comes from hackers and cyber criminals. And while this is always a growing concern,

…the vast majority of data loss comes from common employee/agent accidents.

Deleting a critical document or entry doesn’t come with a simple undo solution for most SaaS providers. In fact, in some cases they may not be able to recover the lost data at all. These are common problems that can have serious repercussions if there is no backup plan in place. This problem is exacerbated for companies who operate within regulated industries. Where customer financial data is stored in and copied to cloud storage locations to make them accessible from the field, there may be no safety net for accidental deletion or corruption. This can have severe punitive implications – not to mention the loss of business.

By proactively planning for these various risks and accidental data disasters, you are assuring customer satisfaction and intelligent business continuity without leaving the success of your business to chance.

For more information about how you can safeguard your business cloud data, contact Braintek for a free analysis. Also see 3 Steps to Disaster Recovery.

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