Why Data Recovery Service for Your Business Matters

Disaster recovery and data backup services are important for businesses that need a nearly instant response to an outage or disruption. These services work by making carbon-copy backups of servers and storing them in multiple locations. Data recovery services offer a variety of options that allow companies to get back up to speed as soon as possible after a disaster. Beyond that, they offer many other benefits. Below, small and mid-sized business owners alike, can learn how data recovery solutions can help them increase their company’s bottom line.

Saving Companies From Downtime Costs

Many of today’s business owners fail to realize how expensive downtime can be, because it’s an opportunity cost rather than a direct expense. With that said, however, implementation of business continuity solutions is less expensive than the yearly cost of downtime.

Maintaining Employee Productivity and Revenue Generation Ability

In the simplest terms, when an organization can’t do business as usual, it loses money. Backup and data recovery service allows businesses to stay productive by ensuring they can continue to serve customers and create revenue, even after an outage or disaster.

Preserving the Company’s Reputation

Businesses that endure significant downtime may experience reputational losses and deal with dissatisfied customers. For instance, a dental practice that can’t function normally may end up with angry patients. However, disaster recovery solutions help to minimize downtime, which keeps customers happy.

Fulfilling Obligations to Clients

Prolonged interruptions and a loss in production time may make a business unable to meet certain deadlines or contractual obligations. For example, if an accounting firm experiences a data loss during tax season and can’t get things going quickly, a client may file a claim for failure to render services by the IRS’ deadline. With data recovery services from Braintek in Houston, companies can meet crucial deadlines in the event of a disaster.

Avoiding Losing Business to a Competitor

It costs more to obtain a new customer than it does to retain an existing client, and it is important for companies to reduce turnover by eliminating or reducing the negative effects of extended downtime. Disaster recovery and data backup ensures that companies don’t lose their competitive advantage when downtime occurs.

Ensuring Compliance With Regulations

GLBA, SOX, and HIPAA are some of the most important laws on the protection of sensitive data. They require companies to retain and protect customers’ sensitive digital info, and Braintek’s services in Houston can help fulfill that requirement. Data recover ensures that companies don’t have to worry about legal issues and compliance violations, so they can focus on satisfying customers and generating revenue.

Getting Started

When your business needs to recover data quickly, you need a reliable disaster recovery and backup solution. The true benefits of these services extend beyond the rapid recovery of data, and are well worth the small investment. When firms adopt these solutions, they’re better able to withstand and reduce the detrimental effects of downtime.

Braintek’s business continuity services are a comprehensive, yet simple way to protect a company and its data. Ensuring up-time is only one part of the equation; we’re confident that our data recovery services and other IT service solutions will enhance any company’s financial position, protect operations, and maintain overall data network health. Contact us today at tel:281-367-8253.