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7 Key Qualities to Look for in an IT Service Provider

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Small to mid-sized businesses need to know what to look for to find the right IT service provider to keep issues to a minimum. Since technology continues to lead the way for many businesses to improve productivity, boost profits, and reach out to customers they might have had trouble connecting with in the past, there could be serious issues if …

Awarding Scholarship

Braintek Awards First Annual Information Technology Scholarship

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In 2016, Greg Brainerd, founder of Braintek, took action to encourage young people pursuing an undergraduate degree in information technology or related field. He did this by starting the annual Braintek Information Technology Scholarship. The program awards one applicant each year with $3,000 in scholarship funds to cover the student’s tuition and related expenses. Applicants must reside in the greater …


5 Benefits of Supplemental Helpdesk-Only Support Services

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Simplify IT Management with Professional Help Desk Support Nothing frustrates an employee more than slow technical support when experiencing a computer issue. On top of that, the person’s productivity slams to a halt while he waits for help. Now you have an unhappy team member and you’re losing money. Even organizations with a full-time IT administrator will end up wasting …


New Braintek Packages

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Braintek is offering new computer networking support packages for your business for a single flat rate. Here are some of the details. Scheduled regular Onsite Visits, Unlimited Remote Support, Unlimited Help Desk, Onsite and Offsite Backups, Cloud Servers, Hosted Exchange Emails – large mailboxes, Cloud Anti-Spam, SLAs, Priority Support, Owner Support, Network Administration, Documentation, Firewall Management, Single Monthly Rate, No Hourly …


Microsoft is ending mainstream support for Win7

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Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced that it is ending free mainstream support for all versions of Windows 7 on Jan. 13, 2015. After that time, users will need to pay for extended support to get bug fixes and feature updates. Microsoft is, however, promising to offer security updates for Windows 7 until Jan. 14, 2020, when the operating system …

Nick Poranski our summer intern

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Here is Nick Poranski, our summer intern. He is troubleshooting issues, rebuilding computers, and learning the IT management business. He’s doing a great job. #summerinternship

Boost your cell phone reception inside your house

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Do you have poor cell phone reception in your house which makes you go outside to talk on the phone? Did you know that many cell phone carriers offer Mini cell towers for your house or signal boosters? The device connects to your home Internet and uses that to booster your cell reception giving you much better service. The downside …

iPhone won’t charge

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My phone hasn’t been charging like it used to. Two weeks ago I was in travelling on vacation and I couldn’t get my phone to charge. I tried a new cable and that seemed to work but it was still sketchy. With my mouth I blew on the charger port but it didn’t help. Finally I took a wooden toothpick …