Passwords Are Like Underwear

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1. Change your Password REGULARLY! 2. Don’t leave them on a sticky note on your desk. 3. Don’t share them with anyone, including on other websites! One of the biggest issues we see is people re-use their email and password combination across multiple websites. If one website gets compromised that leaves you at RISK with all of the other sites …

Don’t Get Hooked By Phishing

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1. Hover over links to examine before clicking on them. 2. Check the email address to ensure the email came from a legit source. 3. If you’re unsure ask Braintek to check. 4. If you’ve fallen victim give Braintek a call. 5. If you’re tired of getting these types of email, ask Braintek how to stop getting them.

Protecting Your Business Information from Hackers

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Digital theft is a reality that several business owners ignore to their detriment. With a simple system, even novice hackers can steal your personal information, credit card details, and other valuable data. Digital identity has characteristics much like human characteristics. If not properly secured such information as your username, password, online search history, date of birth, social security number can …