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Win8 – set a solid color for password screen

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On Windows 8 would you prefer to set a solid color for your lock screen. Here’s how – Open the Control Panel > Ease of Access Center > Make the Computer Easier to See > check both “Turn off all unnecessary animations” and “remote background images” #win8 #lockscreen

Increase Windows Performance

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Do you prefer performance over looks? With this you’ll be able to optimize Windows performance by turning off the fancy graphics and animations (like Aero). Open the Control Panel > search for System > on the left click on Advanced System Settings > under the Performance area click Settings > check the option to Adjust for Best Performance #windowsPerformance

Encrypt data on your flash drive with Bitlocker

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Do you store important company data on your flash drive memory stick? What happens if you loose information? Why not encrypt that data with Windows BitLocker, insert your flash drive into your computer, right click on the drive and choose Turn on BitLocker, type in a password, select a recovery key method, decide the encryption method . #encryption #flashdrive

Heartbleed bug exposes passwords on big websites

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The Heartbleed bug is a large security threat that has left some of your accounts exposed. It’s recommended to change your passwords on sites that have updated their systems and patched the flaw. Here is a list of those sites and if they have been updated or not. #heartbleed

New Blackberry z30 phone

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My wife switched from an iPhone 5 to a Blackberry z30 this week. I setup the email and a few other things for her. The device is fast, the web works great on it, but the best feature that I like is the Message Hub. The hub is message center where all Emails, Texts, FB messages, etc.. come to a …