Backup Internet DNS Provider

Has your internet DNS provider ever gone down? Ours has and when that happens all of our internet based sites go down. No one can get to our website, email routing is down. It’s a big pain. We needed a backup DNS system. I found the provides FREE DNS services which we setup an alternate to our primary DNS …

Firefox released a new browser update

The Firefox has a new update, version 29. New Accounts function which allows users to synchronize data and settings across multiple devices. New redesigned tabs which have rounder corners & brought forward when open. In the upper-right corner, the newly customized menu offers access to the browser’s settings and addons. #firefox  

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Capture screenshots on your Mac

Capture a screen shot picture on your Mac, simply press the SHIFT, COMMAND, & the number 4 keys. Then you can take the mouse and highlight an area of the screen you’d like to take a picture of. Once completed, the picture will be placed on your desktop. #mac   #screenshot

About Braintek

About Braintek #braintek #computernetworking #computerrepair #itmanagement

Want to use your own private file sync Dropbox style service for your inhouse server?

Looking for your own private file sync system, like Dropbox? We use ownClound which we’ll install onto your in-house server to control the flow of syncing between your laptops, desktops, server, phone and tablets. We can setup specific users, size limits, groups, and sharing of folders so that you don’t need to rely on the limits or recurring fees with other …