Still using a Fax Machine?

Still using a traditional fax machine to receive faxes? Try receiving faxes in your email with a service like eFax. We’ve been using this for years and love it. #fax #efax

Windows 8.1 Update

Installing Microsoft’s latest major update to Windows 8.1, this allows touch/Metro apps to run in a window under the Desktop mode. #win81update

Heartbleed bug exposes passwords on big websites

The Heartbleed bug is a large security threat that has left some of your accounts exposed. It’s recommended to change your passwords on sites that have updated their systems and patched the flaw. Here is a list of those sites and if they have been updated or not. #heartbleed

New Blackberry z30 phone

My wife switched from an iPhone 5 to a Blackberry z30 this week. I setup the email and a few other things for her. The device is fast, the web works great on it, but the best feature that I like is the Message Hub. The hub is message center where all Emails, Texts, FB messages, etc.. come to a …