5 Benefits of Supplemental Helpdesk-Only Support Services

Simplify IT Management with Professional Help Desk Support

Nothing frustrates an employee more than slow technical support when experiencing a computer issue. On top of that, the person’s productivity slams to a halt while he waits for help.

Now you have an unhappy team member and you’re losing money.

Even organizations with a full-time IT administrator will end up wasting money and time if they have no other technical staff in place to address everyday computer problems. IT admins need to focus on maintaining the company network and servers, not on helpdesk level glitches and issues.

The solution? Supplemental Helpdesk Only Support Services provided by the brains at Braintek.

5 Benefits of Supplemental Helpdesk Only Support Services

  1. Increased network speed and efficiency. IT administrators should concentrate on high level system support duties. With supplemental help desk support in place, your IT admin can focus on keeping your business-critical systems running at optimal levels. The helpdesk pros will handle all the unexpected computer support fires.
  2. Increased productivity. Experienced, responsive helpdesk professionals — like ours at Braintek — have the knowledge and resources to resolve staff IT issues quickly. This gets the staff member back to work faster, reducing productivity lost waiting for an overworked IT admin to show up.
  3. Save money. Companies get Braintek’s professional helpdesk only services for a fixed flat fee that’s based on each organization’s individual needs. You get unparalleled service from a knowledgeable, responsive team without the cost of hiring them as part of your in-house IT staff.
  4. Single point of contact. Staff enjoys a single point of contact for those unexpected issues that pop up, even if near the end of the business day. Employees know that the helpdesk staff will respond quickly and will have the knowledge to get their problems resolved with confidence.
  5. Access to wider depth of knowledge. At Braintek, we ensure that our helpdesk professionals maintain certification on a wide variety of technologies, vendors, and platforms. This gives our clients customized support for their particular industry and business applications.

Technology can change rapidly and keeping up with these changes can prove challenging. By reducing the burden of your IT administrator with supplemental helpdesk support, you’ll create a more fulfilling work environment for all.

Braintek has you covered. We’ll take time to get to know your business and your employees so we can identify your unique requirements. The helpdesk staff that serves your business will integrate seamlessly into your organization’s environment and culture. Employees will feel comfortable talking with our knowledgeable, certified professionals.

The result: A helpdesk team that looks, sounds, and reacts the way you want. Every time. All the time.

Contact Braintek today to learn more about how supplemental helpdesk only support services can make your business healthier and happier.

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