7 Key Qualities to Look for in an IT Service Provider

Small to mid-sized businesses need to know what to look for to find the right IT service provider to keep issues to a minimum. Since technology continues to lead the way for many businesses to improve productivity, boost profits, and reach out to customers they might have had trouble connecting with in the past, there could be serious issues if your business computers or database were to completely die and you lose most to all your information.  Or even more, what would happen if your data system were hacked? Ultimately, every business needs some form of IT network service support in the event of failures and natural disasters.

Data Security Options

You handle sensitive information through your business computers, so how is it being kept secure? IT service providers should offer a number of different data security options, so you can choose the one that meets your business needs.

Ongoing Managed Support System

A manage support system enables you to pay one monthly fee and have your system checked and maintained. With a managed system, the IT service provider will catch problems and fix them before they cause any issues for your business. This helps minimize potential downtime and lost profits.

Disaster Recovery and Backup Options

When a natural disaster occurs, do you still have a way to access your data? An IT provider should be thinking about these issues for you and should provide options to help you recover your data after any disaster occurs.

Remote Access

Having someone come to your business to fix something can take a while. If you need help immediately and cannot wait for them to arrive, you’re going to want to make sure the IT service provider offers remote access. They’ll be able to access your computers from their office so they can find a solution to your problem right away.

On-Site Support Visits

Sometimes, you may have the time to wait for the IT provider to arrive as the issue is minimal or not impacting your business yet. On-site support visits may also be required for certain issues as the issue cannot be repaired remotely. IT providers should be able to do on-site visits whenever you need them.

Managed Anti-Virus

While everyone knows to be careful online, mistakes can happen to anyone. You’ll want to stay ahead by having anti-virus protection for all of your computers. Your IT provider should update anti-virus protection regularly and scan your computers to catch and remove any potential viruses before they delete information or damage your computers.

Troubleshooting Operating Systems

Whether your computers are running slow or you’re having trouble with certain programs you need, the provider should offer troubleshooting for you. They’ll make sure everything is working properly so you don’t have to worry about a slow computer slowing down your productivity.

These days it’s important to stay ahead of the technology your business uses to ensure you minimize potential issues and downtime. IT service providers like Braintek in Houston provide the vital services your Houston business needs. We offer a plethora of different services to handle the immediate needs of small to mid-sized businesses, and we’re ready to help you. Browse our services online, or give us a call at 281-367-8253 for more information.