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Proficient in setting up and maintaining our network...

As a data professional, Braintek has delivery of the highest levels of customer authentication in the industry. Braintek has provided Action Communication with the highest level of service and was very proficient in setting up and maintaining our network. Keep up the good work. Thank you for all you do for us.

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Rita Schumacher
Action Communication Technology
Highly recommended

Braintek manages our entire IT-Server network. We have 10 offices. They are responsive to our needs and also stop by regularly to manage the servers and take care of any laptop needs that our employees may have. Highly recommend.

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Kevin Roberts
Refined Technologies
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Dudley Anderson
Fixed in a single visit

We’ve had our problems finding a good company to service the computers in our office. Other companies that we’ve tried in the past would visit 3 or 4 times before finding a solution which has been frustrating and costly. Braintek has been able to fix our problems on a single visit. They’re always available when we need them to be and take care of the issues promptly. Braintek keeps our systems running so we can operate our business more efficiently. The productivity has increased here in our office after Braintek setup the computers access to vendor and Medicare websites securely and efficiently.

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Mary Klein-Peter
Conroe Home Medical Equipment
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David Knight
Very easy to work with

We hired Braintek to assist with our Nortel Switches. Braintek’s knowledge helped us reconstruct our network in a timely manner, and they were very easy to work with.

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Michael Dillon
Houston Cardiovascular Associates
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Margaret Conwell
We can depend on Braintek

At our small physician specialty practice, the internal data and communications system in the office is an important part of our being able to properly conduct business. Greg and his helpful staff at Braintek Business Computer Solutions have assisted us with major system conversions and minor service problems as well. In both cases, we have found that Braintek helped minimize our system downtime with their responsive service. It’s good to know we can depend on Braintek when the need arises.

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MJ Hardison
North Houston Center for Reproductive Medicine
Got rid of spam and kept us free of viruses

Braintek helped us improve the communication between our multiple branch offices by setting up a centralized e-mail and file sharing system across the Internet, helped us get rid of unwanted spam and kept the systems clean of viruses. This has really helped our productivity by eliminating the time spent on sending multiple files back and forth via the older previous email system.

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Bruce R. Jansen
Refined Technologies, Inc
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Michael A. Degelia
We only trust Braintek

As a small business, trusting someone to come in and work on or repair your computer network and equipment is hard to do. We had had many bad experiences in the past but Braintek came in and not only put us at ease that they could remedy the problems but could do so quickly and efficiently and at a reasonable cost. I don’t want anybody else touching our computers but Braintek.

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Shannon Smith
Spinal Care Chiropractic Center
Braintek is absolutely amazing

Braintek is absolutely amazing. They have taken Triflo from a 5 user network, to a 25 user network with virtually no downtime or interruption in business. We have yet to find a problem that they do not have a solution for. Their knowledge of computers and networks, plus their personality, make them an asset for any company.

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Peggy Encinia
Triflo International
I highly recommend Braintek

I have been associated with Braintek since 2007 and have found them to be very professional. They have been very responsive to our server and laptop needs and have been able to handle our large network environment. We have 11+ business class servers, over 100 business class Laptops and about a dozen desktop computers along with wireless, firewall appliances etc. I highly recommend Braintek and believe that you will find them capable of handling all your computer needs.

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Ben Giacalone
Montgomery Resources Partners
I would highly recommend Braintek

We have been using Braintek since 2008. Greg and his staff have always provided exceptional service. I would highly recommend Braintek for all of your IT needs.

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Pam Shetsky
Ashton Sawing and Drilling
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Gay Bolen
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Ruth Pewitt
No one else

I will let NO ONE else work on my computer!

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Angel Mastin
May Day Maid & Janitorial Services
Reliable and trustworthy

We currently use Braintek's comprehensive network and other related IT services on site and remotely for our parish and our school. I have been a regular customer for a couple of years and the service of the technicians is handled professionally and in a timely manner.

The technicians are well-mannered and knowledgeable. In addition, the consulting provided by Greg Brainerd is well thought out and meets our meets our needs as we have no in-house IT support.

The Braintek team is also very reliable and trustworthy and make sure we are satisfied with their work before closing out a request. Thanks to them our parish and school have increased our use of technology significantly with little or no interruptions.

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Eileen Borski
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Extremely diversified

Fairbanks Scales, a global provider of industrial weighing products since 1830 reached out to Braintek in 2014 for help on a project that could not be completed with our in-house IT department due to time constraints.

Braintek has been extremely professional; going beyond what was asked and made multiple changes to our initial requests without problems. Braintek has been a great company to work with and has surprised us how flexible IT companies can truly be. Very refreshing!

The biggest positive is the ability to do almost anything that we ask. Typically companies are good at one or two things, but Braintek is extremely diversified in their technology skills, making it a one-stop place to get things done.

Thanks for all that you haeve done for Fairbanks Scales, and we look forward to working with your company om future projects.

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Russell Desilets
Fairbanks Scales
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Jamie Naleway
Braintek optimally configured system security and data backup processes...

For several years Navasota Energy Services has relied on Braintek to provide desktop support and manage its information technology infrastructure. As a project development company, our needs have spanned from supporting our home office to remote generation facilities located in others states. At each site, Braintek has partnered with us to offer a flexible IT service solution that has met our needs.

We find Braintek's staff to be reliable and competent. Importantly, they have served as a trusted advisory when we make hardware and software purchases. Their input has helped us optimally configure system security and data backup processes. We plan on working together for years to come.

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Kurt N. Keller
Navasota Energy
We outsource all of our IT to Braintek

It is my pleasure to recommend the IT services of Braintek. The Braintek team - and I do mean team in every sense of the word, has worked directly with my employees to resolve of variety of issues. From help desk to networking, to minor development, they have a professional but comfortable style that resonates with my team. We are very pleased with their work.

We outsource virtually all of our IT support and initiatives to Braintek, but one project in particular illustrates their attention to detail and concern for quality. As we transitioned our back-up / storage file system, they managed the process from beginning to end; design, development. deployment, communication, and "how-to" training. This project relieved a significant pain point for us, and we are grateful for their professional support.

You can expect Braintek, and Greg Brainerd to be honest and straightforward regarding what they can and cannot do. Please consider them for your future needs. I recommend them and expect to continue working with them.

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Troy Pike
Parker School Uniforms
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Bruce R. Jensen
Exactly what we were looking for

In recognizing the importance of referrals to our business as well as any businesses, I thought I would take a few minutes and write a few lines to let you know our thoughts on Braintek’s services.

As a business owner in today’s ever changing technologically based business world, our company’s success like most companies relies greatly upon our computers, electronic information and IT service. Having been a company president and owner for 17 years one of the most challenging operational issues that our company has experienced has been finding competent and professional IT personnel or IT service companies. Being a business owner is a full time job within itself and doesn’t leave a lot of time to stay on top of the daily changes in the IT industry not to mention the constant bombardment of viruses, spam etc. As a non tech person the aforementioned challenges combined with the uncertainties of whether or not your IT equipment and department is being managed correctly or honestly creates considerable stress and a lack of confidence about your company’s stability in today’s market as well as the future.

With all of that noted we spent the first 14 years of our businesses existence riding the IT service rollercoaster not knowing where we were going or how to stop the ride that is until we found Braintek. From the initial consultation visit and throughout the relationship you and your staff have been consistent, highly knowledgeable and professional with your services. Braintek has always been there when we needed you, even for those occasional middle of the night service calls. Braintek’s comprehensive approach to managing our IT equipment combined with decision making that gives consideration to wants and needs from a budgetary perspective is exactly what our company was looking for. We’re very pleased with the services that Braintek continues to provide us and it’s a relief for us to know that we don’t have to worry about this part of our business anymore. We look forward to a successful future for our business and appreciate your company’s role in that success, we would highly encourage anyone or any business that is looking for a solution to their computer and IT issues to consider Braintek, they will not be disappointed!

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Shannon Thornton
Elite Precision Fabricators
Knowledgeable, attentive, and cost-effective

Greg, along with his entire staff at Braintek, have been a lifesaver for my company on many occasions. I have used them exclusively for all my IT needs since 2008 and would never consider looking elsewhere. Greg is knowledgeable, attentive, and gets the desired results in the most cost-effective, timely manner. The customer support at Braintek can't be beat and often at the time I actually call with a dilemma, they will remote in to my computer and solve my issues at that very moment. I would highly recommend Greg and his team for all your IT related needs.

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Mike Eckhoff
President at Assessment Advisors
The top in Houston IT consulting service

Having worked with Greg and Braintek for several years now on multiple projects, I can say with confidence that they are the top IT consulting service in the Houston, Woodlands, and Lake Conroe area. Braintek has served our IT needs, both small and large, and they do it quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Greg is a subject matter expert, and impossible to stump on IT issues of any sort. Whether you don't have time to handle it yourself or simply don't have the know-how, I recommend friends and colleagues use Greg Brainerd and Braintek for all of their IT needs.

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David Bricken
President/CEO at TENS Rx, Inc
I would use him again

Greg does a great job will come to your location and solve the problems you are having. His company has always done a good job and they know what they are doing. I would use him again if I needed help again in my office.

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Kimmy Burke
Jordon Manufacturing and Consulting LLC
Highly trained employees

Greg has highly trained employees that work at his Company, BRAINTEK. He is very dependable and knowledgeable concerning his work. I would hire Greg and BRAINTEK to help with any IT concerns at any company that I am employed. It is a pleasure working with Greg.

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Pam Sides
TriFlo International
Very professional

I would recommend Greg to anyone who needs IT work. He has a great team and they are all very professional. I have used them with 2 companies now and have no complaints at all.

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Billy Quinlan
Ranger Machining
Extremely knowledgeable

Extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the information technology arena and his easy going personality allows him to work well with most anyone in all different types of work environments.

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Trey Walker
PVS Meridian Chemicals, Inc
Excellent IT services

Braintek has provided excellent IT services to my company and I highly recommend them. I can always rely on them to resolve my problem!

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Melissa Wakefield
ChemMark of East Texas, Inc
Helped us reconstruct our network

We hired Braintek to assist with our Nortel Switches. Greg's knowledge helped us reconstruct our network in a timely manner, and he was very easy to work with.

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Michael Dillon
Healthcare IT
Without them our business wouldn't as successful as it is.

I have been working with Braintek for over 10 years on various projects. From server setup/install to simple maintenance issues for staff, they've been extremely responsive & pleasant to work with. I'd even go so far to say without them our business wouldn't as successful as it is, as in today's world if you don't have a strong IT department, your business suffers. Definitely highly recommend them to help your company on whatever IT level you need help with.

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Nich Hughes
June 20, 2018
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Stephen Naleway
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Michael Degelia

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