IT Services Help Secure Business Data Over The Holidays

As November marks the start of the Holiday season, consumer and business minds quickly begin shifting towards Christmas preparation. And unfortunately, once customers commence online shopping, so do hackers! This increase in Web traffic provides a perfect recipe for cyber network attackers to home in on business data and transactions from reputable sites. Hence, businesses should always consider enlisting the help of a professional IT services provider that specializes in online data security.

IT support companies can help bring you the peace of mind and assurance in knowing that your data network system is secure over the holiday season. Read on to learn how a few vital services from an IT provider can help your business achieve security.

Staff Training

The holidays can be tricky for businesses that rely on the manpower generated by temporary employees. However, they still need to train their staff properly so they are aware of signs indicating that networks have been compromised. A professional IT services provider can offer strategies and guideline references to help companies train and update their staff annually. Businesses know the importance of staff knowing what to look for in terms of POS security breaches and the steps of proper customer identification procedures and practices.

Retailers Sharing Threat Data

This is a simple, yet crucial practice that can truly save the economy of any community. When retailers stick together through the holiday season, they also partake in keeping each other aware of possible threats. Consequently, if one faces a threat, sharing that information can help everyone stay alert and protected. The retail cyber intelligence sharing center (R-CISC) is an excellent resource for retailers to join together in the fight against hackers.

Malware Protection

A common hacking practice is to install malware on a retailer’s computer network. By doing this, hackers are able to obtain customers’ financial and personal data. A data leak of this nature can consequently be catastrophic for any business; especially during the busy holiday season. An IT services specialist, like those from Braintek, can help install endpoint protection and anti-malware software. These services are important in helping ensure your network is protected against security breaches.

Hire an IT Services Professional

Though it’s crucial to have network security during the Holidays, the truth is, every season needs security. If your company is like most, you heavily rely on business data and network systems to run that business. And every good business owner knows that NO TIME OF YEAR is good for security breaches or compromised data.

The best thing you can do to protect yourself this holiday season and all year long is to enlist the help of an IT services professional. They will advise you on how to train your staff, analyze security gaps, as well as encrypt your data. You’ll also discover the convenience of having them monitor your data updates, while also establishing data recovery and disaster recovery services. IT providers like Braintek will even tighten up cloud security.

Help for Houston Businesses

As the holiday season approaches, establishing a firm security protocol should be part of your seasonal preparation. Hiring an IT services support specialist can help ensure your site and business network system is protected.  As a result, you can put more of your time and energy into serving your customers. For additional help and information, connect with Braintek today at 281- 367-8253.