Protecting Your Business Information from Hackers

Digital theft is a reality that several business owners ignore to their detriment. With a simple system, even novice hackers can steal your personal information, credit card details, and other valuable data. Digital identity has characteristics much like human characteristics. If not properly secured such information as your username, password, online search history, date of birth, social security number can be stolen.

Public Wi-Fi also presents an added security risk as hackers can easily access information from open networks. However, having IT service professionals available, like those from Braintek, can provide 24/7 server security and monitoring.

To prevent hackers from making bank out of your hard work use the following tips:

Use Strong and Multiple Passwords to Stop Hackers

If you use your birth date as your password, you might lose all of your data. However, a complicated password can prevent that from happening. Replace your existing passwords with ones that are case-sensitive and which no one can guess. Passwords with 8-12+ characters that have uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters are difficult for hackers.

In password creation, avoid using proper names or surnames, dates, or common words. Identification authentication measures are critical to network security. You should also memorize each password rather than writing them down. Lastly, if you use 2-factor authentication to protect the information, that is always better.

Update Your Anti Spyware

Just because you have the latest anti-spyware on your PC doesn’t mean that it will prevent hackers from infiltrating it indefinitely. When you regularly update these tools, you also prevent even the savviest of hackers from getting into your business network files. An IT service provider, however, can help keep your business up-to-date with the latest security software. They will also schedule virus and malware scans and frequently perform data backups to help keep your system secure.

A strong anti-spam filter is crucial to stopping spam from infecting your system. Braintek’s anti-spam software uses a set of protocols to detect unwanted messages and block them. They will help update your programs and provide a network firewall to head off any potential threats. Business owners and staff should never click unknown emails or links that offer deals unrelated to the company. These usually transfer malware to your system if users click them, so beware!

Clear Cookies Regularly

Cookies are plain text files that store data about your browsing habits. While websites use them to track visitor data, hackers can also use them to infringe on your privacy. A normal text-based cookie holds no threat, but the executable types are programs that can prove hostile. Rather than trying to figure out which ones are a threat or not, clear them out regularly. In 2016, hackers broke into Yahoo’s system and stole code related to its cookies. This allowed online thieves to copy the cookies of 32 million users. Hackers then gained access to the victim’s accounts without the need for passwords.

Beware of Scams! They’re Usually from Hackers

Cybercrimes can cost consumers and businesses millions. Learning to detect common scams can be a way for users to be proactive in maintaining privacy. “Phishing” is one such scam, in which the user may receive fraudulent emails attempting to deceive or coerce them into providing personal information.

It is not advisable to share passwords or use the same passwords for multiple accounts. Also, business owners and IT provides don’t recommend that online users share or submit personal information over unencrypted websites. Encrypted sites that begin with “https” mean they are secure. These secure sites will convert your information into a code that stops exposure to potential cybercriminals.

Secure Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers contained on the Internet to store and data. The cloud can be used rather than storing on a local server or a personal computer. In cloud storage, as in email security, a weak password can give hackers easy access to your account. Encrypted cloud storage provides an extra level of protection for your data. Even if hackers gain access, a cloud storage provider can guard your personal information.

The Best Solution for Protecting Business Data from Hackers

Rather than doing all these things yourself, consider hiring a professional IT service provider. They will know how to properly store your business data and online information, while also training staff. Experienced providers will ultimately help you learn how to eliminate potential threats now and in the future.

Braintek is one of North Houston’s top IT service providers. Offering emergency and flat-rate managed IT support, they are there 24/7/365 to help. If you’re looking for an IT support team for small to medium-sized businesses, give us a call at 281-612-7974.