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Why Unlimited Help Desk Services Are Important For Your Business

Do you wonder exactly what we mean when we use the phrase, unlimited help desk services? Do you understand the value this type of IT technical support provides for your business?
Help desk services provide a way for your staff members to connect with expert IT support staff when they have questions and the assigned network administrator isn’t available. A help desk represents a resource that end users can turn to when experiencing issues with their desktop, laptop, printer, or other IT equipment.

Excellence in Help Desk Services – It Matters

Professional level help desks implement a multi-layered trouble shooting approach. The specific approach varies depending on your company’s individual IT needs and structure. The best help desk companies include, at minimum, the following:
  • Computer and software consultations
  • Trained personnel with extensive technical knowledge
  • Single point of contact (SPOC) for IT network issues
  • Tracking protocol for all incoming issues
  • Problem escalation protocols
  • Proven problem resolution track record
A high quality help desk will help you and your business meet your goals by keeping IT issues at bay and addressing problems that arise in a timely, professional manner.

At Braintek, our help desk staff have specific areas of expertise. Examples of these areas include:

  1. Access management. Our help desk personnel act as keepers of user accounts and tools needed for password resets. This ensures a quick response when an employee locks himself out of his account or has password or other end user account issues.
  2. Problem management. We have developed a proven system for gathering information during an incident. This helps identify problem areas and spot the root cause of any recurring incidents by capturing the details in a knowledge base.
  3. Knowledge database management. We keep a knowledge database for each client that improves operational efficiency by reducing time that would otherwise be used rediscovering previous issues or trouble incidents.

…and the best thing about it?

With Braintek, you have unlimited access to our friendly, expert help desk service all included in your flat monthly fee. This means that whether you use our help desk expertise one time or 100 times or more in a given month, your fee stays the same.

A friendly, highly experienced Braintek Brain sits just a phone call away at our help desk. And with unlimited access, you’ll never again feel helpless when it comes to your IT questions and concerns.

Focus on Your Business and Not Your Helpdesk Support

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