Setup Email on iPhone

How to Setup your Exchange Email on your iPhone Welcome to the Braintek video tutorials. My name is Greg, owner of Braintek. Today, I’m going to show you how to add your exchange email to your iPhone. So from your iPhone, open up your ‘Settings,’ add an account, and choose ‘Exchange.’ Go ahead and type in your email address. Type …

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Replace your bad iPhone 5 battery

Using an iPhone 5 and having battery issues? You may have a defective battery and Apple has a battery replacement program just for you. #iPhone #badbattery


New Workorders App for iPhone

We’ve released the new Workorders App for the iPhone. Fixed a few bugs and added a feature that will allow users to add workorders from the field. Click here to learn more #workorders #iphone


Swipe to Close on iPhone

Did you know that you can close up to 3 apps at once on your iPhone? Double tap the home key, then swipe three fingers over the three apps upwards to close them. #iPhone #swipetoclose

iPhone won’t charge

My phone hasn’t been charging like it used to. Two weeks ago I was in travelling on vacation and I couldn’t get my phone to charge. I tried a new cable and that seemed to work but it was still sketchy. With my mouth I blew on the charger port but it didn’t help. Finally I took a wooden toothpick …

Apple’s iOS8 new features for the iPhone coming this fall

iOS is coming this fall and Apple just announced several new features. Among them is changes to iMessage which allows you to send both Audio and Video files which can disappear if set after a short while just like SnapChat. Also you’ll be able to respond to messages directly from the lock screen. iOS8 will also come with a new …

Save battery life on your iPhone or iPad

Save battery life on your iPhone by closing apps that are currently running. Double tap the home button, then swipe the apps you don’t need upwards to close them, then tap the home button again to get back to the main screen. #iPhone #iPad #iOS

New Blackberry z30 phone

My wife switched from an iPhone 5 to a Blackberry z30 this week. I setup the email and a few other things for her. The device is fast, the web works great on it, but the best feature that I like is the Message Hub. The hub is message center where all Emails, Texts, FB messages, etc.. come to a …