Shannon Thornton


Exactly what we were looking for
In recognizing the importance of referrals to our business as well as any businesses, I thought I would take a few minutes and write a few lines to let you know our thoughts on Braintek’s services. As a business owner in today’s ever changing technologically based business world, our company’s success like most companies relies greatly upon our computers, electronic information and IT service. Having been a company president and owner for 17 years one of the most challenging operational issues that our company has experienced has been finding competent and professional IT personnel or IT service companies. Being a business owner is a full time job within itself and doesn’t leave a lot of time to stay on top of the daily changes in the IT industry not to mention the constant bombardment of viruses, spam etc. As a non tech person the aforementioned challenges combined with the uncertainties of whether or not your IT equipment and department is being managed correctly or honestly creates considerable stress and a lack of confidence about your company’s stability in today’s market as well as the future. With all of that noted we spent the first 14 years of our businesses existence riding the IT service rollercoaster not knowing where we were going or how to stop the ride that is until we found Braintek. From the initial consultation visit and throughout the relationship you and your staff have been consistent, highly knowledgeable and professional with your services. Braintek has always been there when we needed you, even for those occasional middle of the night service calls. Braintek’s comprehensive approach to managing our IT equipment combined with decision making that gives consideration to wants and needs from a budgetary perspective is exactly what our company was looking for. We’re very pleased with the services that Braintek continues to provide us and it’s a relief for us to know that we don’t have to worry about this part of our business anymore. We look forward to a successful future for our business and appreciate your company’s role in that success, we would highly encourage anyone or any business that is looking for a solution to their computer and IT issues to consider Braintek, they will not be disappointed!