Finding Your WiFi Key

Welcome to the Braintek video tutorials. My name’s Greg, owner of Braintek, and today, I’m going to show you how to get that wireless password you forgot.

So I wanted to connect another computer to my wireless network or I want to give it to a colleague or friend and I’ve just forgotten my password. So here’s how I’m going to look for it. I’m currently connected to a Windows 10 machine. We’re going to right-click down here. We’re going to open the ‘Network and Sharing Center.’ From here, it shows you I’m currently connects to my “itsWifi” wireless network. We’re going to click on that link and it’s going to bring up our Wi-Fi status. We’re going to come over here to ‘Wireless Properties.’ We’re going to click on the ‘Security’ tab.

Here is our ‘Network security key.’ So all I have to do is click show characters. Now, the computer requires a password so it’ll shield incase it’s going to prompt for that. So I click on that and it displays our password. Now I can give it off to my colleagues and friends. I’d like to thank you for watching the Braintek video tutorials. Check out our other videos on the Braintek channel. Have a great day and hey!! Become a subscriber!