How to Save Office Doc as PDF

Welcome to the Braintek video tutorials. My name is Greg. I am the owner of Braintek. Today, we’re going to show you how to save a Word or Excel document as a PDF. Here we have a Word document and I’m ready to save this as a PDF. First, we’re going to click ‘File,’ click ‘Save As.’ Here we’re going to hit ‘Browse.’ Here we’re going to pick a location. For this example we’re just going to pick the ‘Desktop.’ We’re going to give it a name. We’re just going to type ‘1’ and then most importantly, we need to click under ‘Save as type’ – we’re going to pick PDF. On the ‘Desktop’ here, we’re going to click ‘Save’ and it saved our document here and as you can tell it opened our document as a PDF to show that is was completed.

Alright, so let’s try to do that same thing with Excel. So I have an Excel document opened here and same kind of thing. Again, we’re going to click ‘File,’ ‘Save As,’ ‘Browse,’ we’re going to pick the ‘Desktop,’ give it a name, and we’re going to pick ‘PDF’ from the list, and we’re going to save it again and the same thing happens as it creates the test PDF document and then opens it up so we can preview it and that’s all we do to save a Word document or Excel document or any Office document as a PDF.

Thank you for watching.