Welcome to the Braintek video tutorials. My name is Greg, owner of Braintek. Today, I’m going to show you how to use ScaleForms. ScaleForms is a program that allows you to fill out different forms submitted to the website.

So here we have ScaleForms up on the screen, as you can see. We’re going to start off by going to ‘Settings’ and filling out the pertinent information for this. We’re going to start with my log in information. Your name. Whatever your tech ID is. I’m just going to use 1234 since I really don’t have one. The truck that you’re using. So we have a Ford 250. These can be any default action so we’re going to leave that blank for now. And of course the address of the office that you have. And then I’m going to give myself a signature. That’s good for now. I’m going to save, go back, and all of my settings are here so that’s great. So as you can see here, we don’t have any information in here so after we’ve done the settings, we can then do our first sync. Once the sync completes, we’ll have some customers.

So here for the office that I’m in – I’m in the San Antonio office – so we’ve got all these different customers that are showing up. Alright, so what we’re going to do first is we’re going to fill out a form and as you’ll notice a new thing we’ve added is ‘Get Signature.’ You don’t need to worry about that quite yet. We’re going to pick a customer. For this, I’m just going to pick my test company and we’re going to pick some equipment that we’re going to be filling out and then we’re going to pick a form that we’re going to be working on. We’ll start off with this “Calibration Certificate.” Here is the form and as you can see there is no signature down at the bottom like there used to be. We’re going to fill out the task number and again, I’m just going to use some bogus data for this since I really don’t fill out these forms. It just gives you an idea of how this works. We’re going to fill out some test data. You can see that it is calculating for us – this tolerance units. Almost done. I don’t want to email the customer. Normally, you would leave this filled out so the customer would receive the form when we’re done.

Put in the next date and submit. So now we have one form completed. If we come over here to settings, you can see here under completed forms, we have one form completed so that’s good, but I’m going to fill out another form. I’ve got a bunch of scales I need to do some different things on so, I’m going to get another one. So now, we have the yard scale and we’re going to put in some more information. Whatever this is that you find that you would use for that. We’re going to fill out some form here so you’re going to go along doing this yourself. I’m not going to continue on with that. So now, at the moment, I’m done with all my scales that I need to fill out my forms for.

Typically I’d hit ‘Sync,’ but before I hit ‘Sync,’ I have to get the signature from the customer. So we’re going to go do that. As you can see, in this company list, it only shows you the company that you filled out forms for. We’re going to get a signature from the customer and we’re going to ‘Submit’ that. When we’re done, we’re going to ‘Sync.’ So it’s done and in a moment here, we should be able to get an email. The email came in and here is what it looks like. So as you can see, on the first form, we filled out ones, twos, and threes. It grabbed the signature for the customer and then for my own signature. If we keep going down, it has the fours and then this part we didn’t fill out. It has the signatures there.

That’s how you use ScaleForms. I’d like to thank you for watching the Braintek video tutorial on ScaleForms. Check out our other videos on the Braintek channel and have a great day!