Jumpstart Your Business in 2019 with Anti-Spam Services

Everyone who uses email should know that ‘spam’ refers to a group of unsolicited and unwanted emails. But, did you know that nearly 14.5 billion spam emails are sent out around the world each day1? Regardless of your business size, every registered company will get spam at some point. And most business owners and staff report that they’re troublesome and could be destructive when backed with malicious malware. Due to the rise of e-commerce for email advertising and customer engagement, daily email filtering has become a vital necessity. And Houston-based IT service providers, like Braintek, can offer businesses an effective cloud-based anti-spam service solution.

All Anti-Spam Services Aren’t Created Equal

To some people, spam may seem like a little more than a nuisance.  Yet, for businesses that need to sift through a barrage of unwanted e-mail communications each day, it’s downright problematic. As such, many businesses, great and small, turn to anti-spam services. However, they don’t just turn to any form of anti-spam, they look to cloud-based, hosted solutions!

As we enter into a New Year, will your business still depend on basic anti-spam software?  Or, will you consider a more comprehensive and hosted anti-spam solution from a professional IT service provider? Read on to discover the benefits of anti-spam services.

Removes Inbox Clutter

The most obvious reason you should employ a cloud-based anti-spam service is to keep your inbox decluttered and organized. Hosted anti-spam services effectively weed out the unwanted correspondence that comes to your inbox. As a result, you get to solely focus on the important emails that need your attention. Can you imagine how it would feel to be free from inbox clutter once and for all?

Maintains Computer and Email Security

One of the more serious consequences of spam is the threat of malicious software. Spam can endanger your business network security and your computers by disrupting their functionality. In fact, some spam developers are capable of programming emails to quickly gain sensitive information once you open them. There have been numerous instances where spam has fully taken over a computer system.

Thankfully, a hosted anti-spam option from an IT service provider can help increase overall IT business security for your company. With that, everyone can benefit and business owners can truly have peace of mind.

Increases Company Productivity

Anti-spam filtering can increase a company’s productivity as it frees up the time employees take to manually go through emails. When companies have to sift through daily emails to determine and delete spam, it eats away time and potential profits. Even if your business dedicates some of its IT team to monitoring spam, that still takes away from your overall productivity.

The bottom line is that spam cuts into your productivity, operations time, and labor costs. Cloud-based anti-spam service, however, removes those burdens and allows staff to fully focus on the business at hand.

Blocks Phishing Emails

Phishing emails can look legitimate, but once you open one, it can be all down-hill from there! The tactic behind phishing emails is to convince you to click the link that seems like it’s official. But in reality, it takes you to a dummy site that resembles something familiar and safe for you to enter personal information. However, hosted anti-spam services can identify these emails and block them so you don’t fall prey to familiar scams.

It’s Time To Get Relief from Inbox Anxiety

No one ever asks for spam, but almost everyone deals with it at one time or another. Fortunately, anti-spam services from professional IT providers can help fight against unwanted emails and remove inbox anxiety. Actually, in a recent study, it was found that MSN alone blocks some 2.4 billion spam emails every day.

Ultimately, when businesses add cloud-based anti-spam services to their security protocol, they take the necessary precautions to protect their business. Are you ready to jumpstart 2019 with the right kind of network server protections for your Houston business? If so, contact Braintek today. We understand how important your time and peace of mind are to the success of your business. Furthermore, we’ll remove the hassle of dealing with spam and handle all your network updates and maintenance for you! Call 281-367-8253 for more information.

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