Regular Network Server Optimization and Monitoring

Many things in life need routine maintenance to ensure that they are functioning correctly and according to their design. Consequently, network servers are no exception. Like the development of most products, IT engineers also design business servers to work as intended. Therefore, they too will often need frequent maintenance checks to sustain high performance.

What is Server Optimization?

When an IT provider checks on the status of your network servers, that process is called server optimization. Depending on the specifics of a company’s network, such optimization can include many different server checks and performance examinations. Commonly run checks, for example, include network vulnerability assessments and running diagnostics on the integrity of the file system. They can also include the task of monitoring the servers for memory usage, server load, and web server requests.

What is Network Server Support Monitoring?

One of the most important things a business should consider, despite its size, is maintaining the functionality of its computer networks. Even smaller businesses can lose thousands of dollars from a network failure lasting only a day. The seriousness of this situation means that it’s prudent to have some sort of network server support system in place. With that, your business can also have 24/7 server monitoring.

In fact, when your company has 24/7 server monitoring services, you dramatically reduce the risk of having a major system failure. Server support monitoring keeps track of how your network servers are functioning. It also systematically looks out for problems with the servers. For example, this includes things like:

  • Optimal temperature of the processing cores
  • Availability of data storage space
  • And other general server health information factors

Why Do Businesses Need BOTH of These IT Services?

At first, these two services may seem similar. However, they technically aren’t the same. In fact, it’s important for businesses to have both services, as they both play a crucial role in keeping computer networks running correctly. Simply put, server optimization handles the computing side of your server management, whereas server support monitors the physical health of the servers.

What Are the Benefits?

Both of these IT services go together like hand and glove. In fact, it will not help your business to have one without the other. The main benefit of having both is that, together, they offer full-circle monitoring coverage. In other words, they provide a complete picture of the health of your servers, on both the physical and digital side of things.

As a rule, operating both of these services is something that all businesses with computer networks should take very seriously.  For instance, a dual preventive service can protect your business from potential network problems, server failure, and a breach in your data system.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with the full-service maintenance, system support, and the preventative measures that server optimization and network server monitoring services provide. So, take your system to the next level of monitoring by connecting with your local IT service support provider. And, if you live in the Greater North Houston area, connect with Braintek today, at 281-367-8253.