Your Data Recovery Expectations vs. IT Service Reality

Business owners always fear the compromise of their data. However, when data is truly lost, panic and desperation can soon set in. These are the times when business owners try to take steps towards data recovery, but unfortunately, some steps could cause irrevocable damage to their hard drive storage.

If you have limited knowledge of how storage devices work, it’s best to seek proper assistance from a professional IT service provider. Oftentimes when you try to correct storage drives on your own, this can elevate the data recovery costs. Below, Braintek discusses common myths about data recovery and why you should only trust a credible IT service provider.


I can simply purchase software and it will recover all my business data. Some business owners assume that data recovery software can simply recover all forms of lost data. In reality, however, recovery software has limited effectiveness, especially when storage drives have mechanical problems.


We can delete data permanently after formatting a storage device. The truth is, reformatting the storage drive only removes entries from the drive’s root index. Your device’s root index is like a “Table of Contents” and only has information detailing where certain information is saved.

Therefore, information remains written on the disk’s surface even after reformatting. This is why it’s possible to recover data after formatting of storage devices as long as there’s no damage to the disk. However, you should keep in mind that there are a few things that can affect the overall recoverability of data: The amount of new data on the device, the level of fragmentation, and the physical location of data stored can affect recoverability.

Data Recovery Myth#3

Maybe if I abuse my drive a little, that could help. Some articles on the internet might lead you into believing that hitting, freezing, or heating a damaged hard drive can repair it. However, there is little chance that this will improve the condition of your storage device.

While these experiments work in a handful of cases, the majority of times, they can cause permanent drive damage. Consequently, the chances of recovering lost data on those drives become near to impossible.


An IT service technician can simply fix this drive.  It’s common for business owners to come with physically damaged hard drives and ask technicians to repair them. Unfortunately, many may not fully realize that any physical damage to hard drives is irreversible. In reality, nothing can make hard drives work as they did before. And in some cases, it’s only possible for expert technicians to repair hard drives when the repair is just enough to make data recovery possible.


All data recovery services are the same.  Unfortunately, for those who aren’t truly familiar with the IT service industry, they’ll often believe this. However, it truly is a myth since every service has a varying level of expertise. If not careful, business owners can become deceived by great-looking sites and tall claims on quickly recovering all their data. In reality, each business’ network system and drives will need a proper assessment before an experienced IT service provider can determine the recovery of information.

When looking for a data recovery service, you should research whether a provider has experience that is relevant to your situation. Check out customer reviews that are NOT from the provider’s site. You should also ensure the provider has an updated information policy and operates in a class 100 cleanroom.

Connecting to Experience When it Comes to Data Recovery

An experienced and knowledgeable IT service provider should always consider more than just your business data. They should also consider apps, services, and systems critical to your business before applying data recovery. Expert information recovery teams implement a formal disaster recovery plan that is customized according to all your business needs. Here at Braintek, we’re always ready to help you get your business back up and running again.

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