Website Continuity Plan

Upgrading, Backing Up and Protecting Your Website Against Cyber Attacks

Is Your Website Prepared for an Attack?

CNBC recently reported that “the U.S. government has budgeted $14 billion for cybersecurity for fiscal year 2016, so clearly, this threat is being taken seriously at the highest levels of government. Read story…

You hear it in the news everyday. Another cyber attack cripples a business or government agency. Staff is left scrambling to close the breach.

Or is it too late?

Unfortunately, once you discover that your website has been hacked it’s often too late to have a backup plan. Now you’re in recovery mode. Maybe you can get the help you need. But at what cost? Maybe it can be fixed. And maybe not.

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Ask Yourself these Questions…

Your Answers Will Tell the Story

  • Do you have a backup?
  • How current is it?
  • Who is in possession of it?
  • Who is responsible for accessing the server?
  • Who will restore the site with all of it’s content?
  • Who on your staff has the skills?
  • How long can you afford to be offline?

Introducing the Braintek Enhancement & Continuity Plan

Designed with the above scenario in mind. We have the tools, the skills and the know-how to upgrade you to a new website to meet today’s latest standards and to protect your business against the ever-growing threat of cyber attack and the resulting downtime. Here’s how:



Mobile-friendly with all mobile devices

Blazing Speed

High-speed hosting with Global CDN*
*Content Delivery Network

Backup & Security

Regular backups with ironclad security

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