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Mark Dawson
"Braintek has been very quick to respond to phone calls, work orders, and issues directed to them though the help desk portal. Every other firm I have worked with has been a "leave a message and wait" type company. Unexpected IT issues can bring a small business to a complete standstill." - Mark Dawson, Dawson Security Group

No Hourly Fees

Gone are the days of being on a never-ending cycle, worrying about how much your monthly IT support services will be. Braintek is here to make budgeting IT easier with our Flat Rate Monthly IT Support Plan where you pay one set fee each month for 12 months of IT services! Solve any problems that may come up without worry because it’s all covered and included in this plan. We become the in house IT support team so you can focus on running your business. We focus on managing our customers so you can focus on managing your customers.

Unlimited Support

We act as your "in house" IT department for your company and will do everything it takes to earn your trust as your managed services provider. With unlimited remote support service, in-shop computer repair services and onsite help desk solutions we're confident that no matter when your company needs from us - or how often - the price is always right to help facilitate the future growth of your business. Braintek is the perfect outsource managed service provider for companies in Greater Houston as well as for companies in Montgomery County.

Managed Security

Cyberattacks are a serious issue that often affects those business IT infrastructures with the least amount of resources. For this reason, cybercriminals and competitors go after small businesses for their easier to hack networks systems and lack of funding. Maintaining a secure IT environment day to day, your IT Team must address the latest technology, security patches, wi fi connections, and all vulnerabilities within you business IT infrastructure. Braintek is a managed service provider that can, as your IT team, deliver the management services your business needs to deploy the new technologies to keep you safe to meet your business goals.

24/7 Monitoring

We are your IT support services provider and our systems and onsite and cloud network monitoring will ensure that you don't have to worry about your data or any of the technical aspects of your IT infrastructure and services. We keep a close eye on your IT environment and technology. When emergencies arise, we're always there with the technical expertise and a team standing by - assuring service management and ongoing support for your customer and your business growth!

Cloud Backup

To prevent data loss, it’s imperative that you have a comprehensive cloud services business data backup and recovery plan in place as part of your managed services. We will help you keep your cloud business data safe and secure for easy retrieval and system maintenance and management. This, and more is included in our flat monthly fee support services packages to stay focused on your business strategy and to meet your business objectives.

Scheduled Onsite Visits

Our highly-trained support technicians arrive at your business office location regularly to do a routine system and security check. As part of our management services we do this to proactively identify and resolve any potential problems within your IT infrastructure, and to assure your systems are properly managed and operating at peak performance at all times. The benefits to our customers for these outsourced services provides peace of mind and ongoing strategic guidance when needed.

Help Desk

Small business owners are constantly in need of IT support expertise. With the help desk assistance from a trusted managed service provider, they can get a low fixed cost for an on-site person with professional knowledge to bolster their skills and provide more options when it comes down to solving computer issues for the customer. Our Help Desk support services is like having an in house managed services IT department at your company.

Cloud Setup

Your IT infrastructure is growing and with it comes the need for more managed support to maintain your servers. That can cost a business plenty, so what happens if one of those servers go down? It's time consuming and costly - there are lost hours in productivity as well! The managed service solution, and among the more strategic projects, may be cloud services with Azure: Microsoft’s public cloud computing platform that offers various features you won't find anywhere else like reliability, security, internet speed etc..

Network Setup

Network setup is a comprehensive service as part of our managed services package. Braintek is recognized as one of the top managed service providers in Houston and Montgomery County, so we understand that effective business computer network solutions require understanding your objectives. Our support and management services and internal resources are able to offer strategic guidance, business continuity and risk management to avoid costly downtime. These are the key aspects for all strategic projects.

Cyber Criminals are Working 24/7 to Steal Your Data!

Your Employees are Your First Line of Defense - But They're also Your Weakest Link

Cyber criminals and malicious hackers can devastate the bottom line of your company in minutes. Your office employees are your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your company by from cyberthreats. Human error within the office of businesses of every kind is one of the single biggest culprits behind security cyber-attacks.

It comes down to someone in your office falling for a phishing scam, clicking an unknown link or downloading a file without realizing that it’s malicious. These are the complex tricks that give access to criminals; access to your IT infrastructure, and access to your cloud data.

Braintek provides managed IT support, managed IT solutions and IT support consulting to businesses.

See Cybersecurity SolutionsDon't Wait Until it's too Late!

Is Your Current Outsourced Managed Services Provider and Outdated Technology Stifling Your Business Growth?

Are you concerned that your business is being stifled by your obsolete technology? Are you feeling like your growth and productivity has plateaued? Is your current managed service provider not living up to your expectations? Are you at the mercy of a total system failure without a cloud back-up plan in place?

You know that being the best at what you do isn't the problem - but is your IT keeping you from reaching that next milestone? Deploying a Braintek managed computer network solution with managed support to address what ails your business technology can get you back your competitive advantage and help you grow your business again.

The importance of IT support service can't be overemphasized.

As Your Managed Service Provider, We Make Technology Work For You

Is downtime killing your bottom line? Are you fed up with technology, unreliable IT support service, and the repeated hourly IT support service fees associated with it? This is common for a lot of companies. But your company deserves better. Perhaps it's time to call in the pros.

We'll whip your IT into shape and set you up with regularly schedule onsite support visits - and we won't charge any hidden fees to do it. Schedule a FREE consultation today, or call us at (281) 612-7974 You have my personal guarantee that we will provide you with the best service available, or your money back!

Service Tech

3 Steps to Becoming a Braintek IT Support Managed Services Customer

Make Braintek your managed IT support services provider and get the best outsourced IT support, IT consulting, IT solutions, Managed Cloud IT Services Provider for your company today.

Step 1 - Managed IT Services Assessment

Braintek has taken the best practices and solutions from all of our IT management services, as well as from more complex select services provided to our clients over the last 20 years, and put together a comprehensive assessment roadmap for your specific IT infrastructure and security needs.

Our services have been proven through sound cybersecurity principles to help you effectively deploy a security and IT infrastructure that any organization can have confidence in. Our IT team will then provide you and your company (including your in house team) the following:


Network Health Report

Managed IT Services
A full assessment of your network’s health and efficiency.

IT Risk Consultation

Cybersecurity & Technology
We’ll discuss your organization’s IT security risks and concerns and identify any weaknesses that may allow your data to be compromised.


Consulting Focus

We’ll provide a summary of IT support recommendations for your small business on any hardware or software upgrades, IT risk management solutions and any other same level IT strategies to help improve network efficiencies and overall IT health.

This applies to all companies who wish access to Braintek IT management and consulting services - both simple and complex.

Step 2 - Onboarding

Braintek will hold an onboarding meeting with your company to review all the managing information that needs to be collected for you. We recommend sending IT point of contact, key decision makers and anyone else who will work directly with Braintek as they are in charge of getting everything set up.

Step 3 - Implementation

Congratulations! You’ve just taken a large step in protecting your business and reducing risk. These recommended changes will make it harder for hackers to steal data, increase system function efficiency, improve network performance - all the while decreasing exposure.

We know that this is an investment of time and money; but its one that will pay huge dividends for your business, your technology,

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Read what other clients are saying about Braintek
Braintek Helps Us Stay Ahead Of Issues.

The biggest benefit we’ve experienced as a company working with Braintek is that technology, which can be extremely frustrating, has been made easy to use and it functions properly consistently.

We almost never have an issue and in the rare instance that we do, Braintek always has a solution. I like having the on-site visit once a week. Most of the other companies I’ve worked with in the past tended to be a bit more reactive.

With the on-site visits, it helps us to stay ahead of problems, and to discuss potential technology-related solutions for any issues we might have.

I’ve learned in my life that when you are working with any company, that company is a reflection of the leadership provided. I think you provide really good leadership and from there that’s what has helped to build your company. -- Shane A.

Michael Vasu
Michael Vasu
American Income Life
Improved Stability and Reliability

Braintek has worked with Star Cinema Grill for several years. They’ve helped us with improving the stability and reliability of the theater network infrastructures.

Its great to have Braintek as a partner and resource to call when we need a resolution to issues. The owner Greg is always willing and available to jump in and help resolve quickly if needed.

Jason Ostrow
VP Development
Star Cinema Grill
Easy To Work With and Quick To Respond

Braintek has been very quick to respond to phone calls, work orders, and issues directed to them though the help desk portal. Every other firm I have worked with has been a "leave a message and wait" type company. Unexpected IT issues can bring a small business to a complete standstill.

I am much more relaxed about this issue with Braintek's team in my corner. I have a better connection with the Braintek team to reach them in an emergency or for a simple question. I have always said that it is easier to do business with smaller community based organizations. Smaller companies like my own and Braintek are easier to communicate with. You are not just another account number and you don't spend an hour on hold calling a 1-800 number.

If I needed to reach the owner of Braintek to discuss an issue of service or other offerings he would gladly take my call.

Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson
Dawson Security Group

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