Are you relying on a “tech savvy” employee to handle IT management on top of his or her core job duties?

Or, maybe you do use outsourced IT, but aren’t happy with certain aspects of the company’s performance. And sometimes you get charged more than you expected and aren’t even sure why.

None of these solutions even come close to optimal. So, why do it?

Most small to medium sized business owners would say it’s because they can’t afford the cost of a dedicated IT staff and that’s probably true.

You know you need to change the way you handle your company’s IT network, but aren’t sure what to do. You’d like to find an outsourced IT solution with experienced, credentialed technicians that are friendly and truly care about building a relationship with you as a client. You’ve got a limited budget for IT and just can’t risk any surprises when it comes to expenditures in that area.

Did you open your business so you could manage and maintain servers, handle daily computer issues, and all the other aspects of network management?

In general, a business with 20 to 25 computer users can expect to experience 40 to 50 IT issues each month. That’s a lot to handle on your own! If you do try to handle these issues on your own, you certainly won’t have much time to devote to your actual core business. You need expert help.

You get all of our premium IT outsourcing services for one flat monthly rate.

This makes it easy to plan your IT budget because there are never any surprises. Our Braintek technicians are professionals who respect you and your staff. We know you aren’t computer experts. We’re not experts in your business either. And we’re here to listen and help.

Take a look at all the services you get when you partner with Braintek for your IT needs:

  • Scheduled onsite visits – your favorite tech comes regularly to maintain the network and address issues
  • Unlimited remote support and remote access – for those problems that can be monitored and resolved with remote access tools
  • Unlimited help desk – for those pop-up IT questions and minor issues
  • Unlimited in-shop computer repair – including taking delivery and pre-configuring your equipment
  • Cloud servers for hosting some or all of your services – safe, secure, cost effective solutions
  • Cloud based anti-spam – keep that inbox clean
  • Cloud based backup – add a second tier to your data backup and recovery process
  • Troubleshooting Microsoft and many other systems – for those “weird” computer behaviors
  • 24/7 server monitoring – servers are fickle and need nearly constant attention and Braintek does it for you Backup monitoring – we monitor your local backup process to make sure it’s backing up critical data
  • Server optimization for best performance – checking the server regularly to make sure it’s giving you optimal performance, reliability, and speed
  • Emergency support – for those more serious problems that pop up at the most inopportune times, Braintek is there to help any time you need it
  • Computer network planning and building – our pros work with you to develop an IT plan and structure that fits your unique needs and budget

Yes, it’s true. You get all of this business IT support expertise for one flat monthly rate.

Partnering with Braintek for your IT networking needs represents one of the best things you can do for your business. We take care of your computer systems, so you can focus on building your business.

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