Business Network Services and Best Practices Server Optimization

Business network server optimization services should include server optimization checks.
Many things in life need periodic checks to ensure they’re working properly: central air conditioning and heating, cars, boats, airplanes, electrical wiring, plumbing, and countless others. Your network servers need optimization for performance too – and they need checkups far more often than most of the items on the list above.

When you choose Braintek for your IT tech support needs, you can schedule time each month for our engineers to conduct server checks at no additional cost. It’s through these regular checkups that we make certain your network servers perform at optimal levels and remains error free.

Depending on your specific servers and network structure, we may perform several or all of the following during these checks:

  • Network vulnerability assessment
  • Verify backups are working properly
  • Check disk usage
  • Check RAID alarms
  • Update your server OS
  • Check application updates
  • Check remote management tools
  • Check for hardware errors
  • Check server utilization
  • Review user accounts
  • Change passwords
  • Check system security
  • Review event and audit logs
  • Run file system integrity diagnostics
  • Monitor server load
  • Monitor web server requests
  • Maintain databases and make repairs
  • Monitor memory usage
  • Other tasks not listed

The professionals at Braintek will handle these tasks as well as initiate our 24/7 server monitoring system that will alert us of any potential problems so we can handle them before they become real problems.

When issues do pop up, you won’t wait hours or days on end on a response. We’ll respond immediately and issue status updates within minutes. Our pros will work until your issues are fixed for good.

With Braintek on board, you’ll have more time to cultivate happy, loyal clients and grow your business. All of our server monitoring and optimization protocols are included in our business networks maintenance packages. Stop worrying about your servers and network. Call us today, we’ll customize a package to fit your unique needs, so you can get on with business.