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13 Life-Changing Strategies For Winning In Business And Life

It’s easy to look at successful people such as the legendary Tony Hawk and think it’s inevitable. But while it may seem like success came easy, it didn’t magically appear. "I embrace the failures because I feel like those are the learning process," Hawk said. "Those are the lessons you need to learn to get to that next stage." Despite the criticism and the haters, not being a natural, and years of financial struggle while trying to build his business, he ended up on top, achieving incredible success.

How To Overcome Adversity & Dream Big

After nervously delivering a speech to his classmates, Nick Vujicic’s life was forever changed when an excited school janitor who witnessed it proclaimed, “You’re good. You’re going to become a worldwide speaker.” At first, Vujicic dismissed the kind words as the ramblings of a deluded older man. How could someone see greatness within him when he could barely see it himself? Born without arms or legs, Nick viewed himself as a prisoner of his own body, trapped in a seemingly insurmountable fate. Loneliness haunted him, while questions about his purpose and even the meaning of his existence gnawed at him. But the older man was relentless and continued to urge Nick to share his story. After three months, Nick agreed to speak to a small group. And so, Nick’s journey as a speaker began. Captivating audiences, his story of hope, perseverance and triumph over adversity has now touched the lives of countless individuals, reaching a staggering two billion people worldwide.

Sales And Innovation Secrets From Celebrity Shark

Barbara Corcoran can still remember many of the sweat inducing moments in her climb to becoming the Queen of New York Real Estate. Business leaders looked to her as someone with a mind for sales-focused growth and innovation, while Corcoran claims she used childhood lessons from her Irish-Catholic parents and a competitive spirit spurred on by insults and undiagnosed dyslexia to push herself to innovative ideas that would serve as her lifeline. Whatever the case, something worked for the self-made millionaire who transformed herself from waitress to business powerhouse.

Swimming With Sharks: The S.H.A.R.K. Strategies For SUCCESS

There’s no doubt that as one of ABC’s Shark Tank investors, Daymond John knows what it takes to start a company from nothing and grow it into a massive success. John is a three-time best-selling author, an investor, and the CEO of The Shark Group, a branding and consulting firm. His experiences have given him the expertise to identify integral components of long-term success in his life, career, and the years he’s spent growing as an entrepreneur and a person. John shared his five key S.H.A.R.K. points that serve as a template to keep you motivated, driven, and on track—just as John needed when he launched his global brand. "I had a lot of failures, but my hustle, my desire, my drive got me where I am," John said. And these five principles guided that push.