Houston IT Consulting Services for Small and Midsize Business

Houston IT Consulting Services for Small and Midsize Business. It’s a subject for which one whose job it is to maximize its usefulness in the business workflow process might be well advised to stay abreast of. For most business owners, running into IT is like running into a brick wall. That’s where we come in.


We are IT consultants who can provide you with the customized guidance needed to help you properly design, deploy and maximize your network and computers systems to most effectively meet your business objectives. We will help you:

We Will Help You:

  1. DETERMINE YOUR REQUIREMENTS. At Braintek, we will meet with your department managers and your staff at all levels to evaluate your computer network needs. Based on the demands and nature of your business, including the workflow processes most commonly used to conduct day-to-day tasks, we will identify the core components needed to deploy the most optimized network configuration possible. From hardware like network servers and work stations, to cloud computing and storage, virus protection, Ethernet cabling, wireless routers and endpoints – we have the experience and industry know-how to deliver the most cost-effective solution possible.
  2. DEFINE THE PROJECT SCOPE. Braintek will lead the discussion and provide strategic guidance with regard to current technologies and IT infrastructures. We will assist in identifying software, hardware and network requirements. We will guide you in deploying the strategies required to enhance your daily business processes through IT.
  3. PROCUREMENT. Braintek can provide expert direction and technical guidance during the selection and procurement of all hardware and software required for the project.
  4. DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING. Upon complete deployment, testing and optimization of your network, we will work alongside your staff to provide the training necessary to assure that all users are adequately familiar with the system’s core functions and operations. We cover all new business processes that have been enabled to assure maximum proficiency from each user.

Get in Touch for Your IT Consulting Needs

At Braintek, we will do exactly what we said we will do, when we said we were going to do it. We will remain focused on the tasks at hand while thinking critically about the project assigned to us.

Get in touch with Braintek. Call us at 281-367-8253, or fill out the contact form on this page. We thank you for your interest and look forward the serving you.

Protecting Your Business Against Hackers

Protecting Your Business Against Hackers

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