Organizations often have no idea what to do when a crisis arises. They're not prepared for it and they panic, which is the worst thing that can happen in this type of situation.

Like so many small to medium sized businesses, it’s likely that you use a local, onsite business data backup solution. And that’s a good thing because the cold hard truth is: without your data, you can’t run your business. But simply relying on a one-tiered approach may not be enough.

The best time to prepare for these types of threats are before they occur so you know how your business will respond if anything happens at all - whether it's data loss or system breach or technology failure. While preparing now won't make things less stressful should something unfortunate come up, being ready beforehand may help reduce management stress levels during an emergency response phase as well as improve customer satisfaction because their information was secured from potential harm while using the company services like banking apps via mobile devices with access to personal identification numbers (PINs).

Best Practice for Business Computer Backup

Check out the 5 primary benefits of business computer data backups in the cloud:
  1. AFFORDABLE – You’ve got a limited IT budget. Cloud based solutions allow you to implement a multi-tiered data backup approach with no capital expenditures and a minimal flat monthly fee. Save thousands of dollars while keeping your critical data safe.
  2. BETTER DATA PROTECTION – Using a cloud backup solution, your data stays safe and secure for easy retrieval. Further, don’t believe all the talk about the cloud not being as secure as other options. That’s simply not true. The latest encryption and security protocols keep cloud based systems incredibly secure.
  3. BETTER DEPLOYMENT – Get set up and running in a matter of minutes. Other off-site options can take days or sometimes weeks to implement
  4. SCALABILITY – Increase or decrease storage capacity with ease as your company’s needs change.
  5. AUTOMATIC – Cloud backup requires no additional time commitment from you. Files are backed up automatically and continuously.

Customer Satisfaction with Fast Response Times

Braintek offers the best IT services for companies in Houston. Businesses will never have to worry about cyberattacks or hardware failures again thanks to Braintek's fast response times and knowledgeable customer service reps ready round-the-clock, every day of the year! No lines between business owners, employees, and customers means more satisfied clients who are always greeted with a friendly voice waiting on their end of line when they call any time during normal operating hours.

It’s imperative that you have a comprehensive business data backup and recovery plan in place. FEMA reports that fewer than 20 percent of businesses are able to restore their lost data after a catastrophe because they didn’t have a robust backup and recovery system in place. The report goes on to state that over 40 percent of the businesses that could not recover their data closed their doors forever.

Let Braintek help you protect your critical data with our cloud data backup system. After all, it’s included in our flat monthly fee support packages. Give your data the protection of the cloud.

Protecting Your Business Against Hackers

Even if you aren’t ready to make a change right now, this book will give you important insights on how to protect your business today that won’t leave you vulnerable to expensive problems, lost data, viruses, hacker attacks and a host of other problems.