Are You Missing Out on Scheduled Onsite Managed Services?

If you wait until a PC or server issue arises before calling professional technical support services, you’re allowing a reactive culture to gain a foothold in your business.
Simply reacting to issues when they come up can result in costly downtime for your computer network that directly impacts your profit margin. That leaves you open to a potential cascade of problems that could have a devastating effect on your future and all that you’ve worked so hard to build.

What the Big Guys Know About IT Network Support That You Don’t

Braintek’s affordable, flat fee Network Maintenance Program allows you to operate with the same proactive attitude that the big companies have. Our engineers have regularly scheduled on-site support visits where they maintain your computers, servers, and networking equipment. It’s during these regular visits that they have an opportunity to identify and eliminate potential problems before they happen. They also address any ongoing concerns and offer advice about changing needs at this time.

When you use us for your network maintenance service needs, you’re more than just another customer in a list. We get to know you, your staff, and the individual nuances of your IT system. Think about how you maintain your car – you change the oil, check the levels of other fluids, and ensure your tires are properly inflated.

This allows you to keep your car in tip-top shape, which reduces the chance that you’ll miss any potential problems that may arise due to age or wear and tear. You’ll know in advance when it’s time to change the brakes or if your transmission begins to have some telltale issues.

So you’re stuck with a reactive culture. Right? Wrong.

The big guys didn’t become industry leaders by having a reactionary attitude to IT network support issues. In today’s business landscape, computer networks represent a critical component of daily operations. Instead, the bigger companies have an IT service team that performs regularly scheduled diagnostic and maintenance routines on their networks. This allows them to eliminate any potential issues before they become a reality. They have a proactive mindset when it comes to business operations and you should too.

But you can’t afford a dedicated IT department like the larger organizations in your industry can.

IT Network Support and Car Maintenance Aren’t Really the Same

Of course, in reality, IT network support and maintenance is a lot different and far more complicated than just maintaining your car:

If your car breaks down, you can probably find alternative transportation to and from work with a fair amount of ease. If your network crashes, your business operations could suffer for days, or even a week or more.

While still expensive and worrisome, if your car gets totaled or breaks down beyond repair, you can buy another one. Alternatively, you could car pool with someone or use public transportation. But if your network gets hacked or crashes, you can’t just “buy a new one”. Not even the big guys can do that. You can’t borrow one from someone else. No, if your network becomes crippled due to lack of maintenance and updates, you’re sunk…at least until you can get it up and running again.

Consider giving your business the best you can by working with a technical support services company that cares about your success and growth. The Brains at Braintek can give you the peace of mind you need to focus on what you do best.