Unlimited Support and In-Shop Repair for Business Laptops

Use of laptops in a business setting is common. There are inherent advantages and disadvantages with laptop usage in a business application. The most obvious is their portability and wireless (WiFi) capabilities. The downside is their propensity for damage. In a host of laptop repair scenarios, it is often cheaper to replace than to repair your laptop. We will help you make the best decision when faced with this dilemma.

No Hourly Fees - Parts Extra - All laptop repair, maintenance and virus removal services are included as part of the Braintek support package, however hardware items (parts) needed for repairs are extra.

Laptop Hardware

Keyboard Replacement

We've seen it a thousand times; spilled coffee, soda or water on your keyboard. Drops, accidents and plain old wear and tear can mean it's time for a keyboard replacement. As a Braintek customer, we can replace your keyboard if the need arises.

Memory Upgrade

One of the most common ways to increase the speed and performance of your laptop is by upgrading/increasing its memory (RAM) size. Not every laptop, however, can be easily upgraded. In fact, there are some laptops that can NOT be upgraded. We can assist you in making this determination and by providing the services necessary.

Laptop Hard Drives - Reinstall Windows

Hard drive replacement and Windows re-install depends on the age of the laptop. If the PC is older than 5 years we would recommend against this.

Laptop Software

Internet / Wireless

Setting up a wireless broadband connection (WiFi) that allows your employees to connect to the internet without the use of Ethernet cables. It’s particularly useful for laptops since it allows employees to use their laptops in any office or work area within range of a wireless access point.

Printer Setup

This service consists of loading the appropriate drivers for setting up a printer or series of printers that reside on your business network to work from your laptop.

Data Transfer / Backup

Data loss due a computer problem or a hard disk failure can be frustrating. By having safeguards in place before a problem occurs is the first step toward prevention and/or recovery later. We can help you avoid the aggravation by setting up processes to regularly backup your data and settings.

Data Recovery

This is a service to attempt to recover lost data and could become a pricey endeavor - depending on a multitude of factors. Costs can range from $1000 to $3000. It is therefore a much safer solution to have a business cloud backup solution in place beforehand.

Password Recovery

If you forget your Windows password, we will help you reset it. How this is accomplished depends on the type of system you are using. This will either be a domain or workgroup. Contact us today.

Virus & Malware

The sheer volume and types of virus threats we face today has become astronomical with over a million variations, ranging from minor to extremely severe. Some can delete your data while others can steal your personal and business information. More often than not, many of these viruses go undetected without the right safeguards in place. Trying to delete them yourself can oftentimes make them more entrenched and harder to remove. Let us purge your computers of the threats and erect a wall of protection to help prevent future attacks.

Protecting Your Business Against Hackers

Even if you aren’t ready to make a change right now, this book will give you important insights on how to protect your business today that won’t leave you vulnerable to expensive problems, lost data, viruses, hacker attacks and a host of other problems.