Anti-Spam Tops List of Critical Cloud Computing Services

In today’s world of sophisticated malware and phishing tactics by unscrupulous entities, a powerful, high-performance anti-spam system represents one of the most important cloud computing services available to your business.

You already know vital reliable email is to your daily business operations. Without a strong, updated anti-spam filter in place, you leave your office computer and your entire network open to security issues. Despite the potential security issues, getting SPAM is just plain annoying.

Cloud Based Anti-Spam Services Can Rescue You From Inbox Anxiety

Do you dread checking your email because your inbox is littered with countless spam emails? Are you tired of spending so much time sifting through trash email to get to a few important communications? Is your current spam filter allowing useless spam to clutter your inbox and your mind? You may have inbox anxiety. Avoid the hassle and the cost of constantly updating and monitoring your spam filter by using Braintek’s cloud based anti-spam services. Here’s 4 reasons why every computer in your business should have an anti-spam system in place:
  1. BLOCK PHISHING EMAILS – Phishing emails look like legitimate emails from legitimate institutions. They often convince people to click on the links within the email, which then navigate to a dummy website that resembles their bank or other financial service, such as PayPal. Recipients are then asked to enter their personal information like account credentials and other private identification information. The right anti-spam service can identify these emails and block them so you don’t fall prey to these common scams.
  2. PREVENT INBOX CLUTTER – Sophisticated managed security services include an anti-spam filter that uses multiple methods for filtering email. This can ensure that your inbox remains free of clutter and digital litter, saving you time, resources, and money.
  3. PROTECT AGAINST VIRUS INFECTION – Sometimes spam email appears to come from a friend. The subject line may contain something provocative or personal, prompting you to click on the link in the body of the email. For example, the subject line may say, “Check out this old picture of you!” or other phrase that seems harmless. Problem is, when you click on the link to see the “picture” or other file, it’s really a virus. Once clicked, you’re infected and then the entire network is at risk. Often, it won’t appear that anything nefarious has happened. It may just seem like the link doesn’t work. A powerful anti-spam service can identify these using a variety of methods and block them from your inbox.
  4. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY – An overload of spam can distract your employees, decreasing productivity and causing work flow disruption. When your staff starts the day with a clean inbox that contains only pertinent, legitimate communications, productivity increases.

By using a cloud based anti-spam solution, you increase overall IT business security and save both time and money. In addition, we take care of all the updates and maintenance for you, so you can focus on the things that make your business thrive. Get relief from inbox anxiety by taking advantage of Braintek’s cloud based anti-spam services. These powerful services are available.

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