Did you know that hackers can acquire your personal or business information using Malware and sell it on the dark web? Don’t worry, Braintek can help. We offer Dark Web Monitoring that allows us to detect when your information is being used maliciously in dark corners of the internet. By combining our Dark Web Monitoring Services and Managed IT Services you’ll have full coverage across your entire network and intended platforms.

Dark web tracking can protect so many aspects of personal and professional data leakages, including:

  • Leaked credentials and professional data exposures.
  • Dealing of personal documents or analytic property.
  • Fraudulent or mediocre transactions.
  • Threats against your business’s higher-ups, like VIP and Executive staff.
  • Pinpoint posing hackers and other potential risks.
  • Protect your private forums from breaches.

Braintek can help you keep your confidential information out of the wrong hands by constantly monitoring the dark web and all of its scary corners.