As the accounting clerk at Chrane Foodservice Solutions, Sharee Garret has a front-row seat to all the behind-the-scenes business functions that go on within the organization. You might not think that IT is all that important to an organization that sells commercial foodservice equipment and supplies, but like any business today, technology plays a critical role at Chrane.

As a fast-growing company that currently employs 30 people across Texas and Oklahoma, Chrane relies on integrated computer systems to keep everyone connected. Cybersecurity, network performance, and on-the-go capabilities are crucial when the team is serving different clients throughout a region the size of Texas and Oklahoma. When a test kitchen chef arrives at a facility to showcase new equipment, they have to be able to get connected there. When a salesperson goes out to visit a prospective client, they need to be able to use their laptop.

When Chrane started searching for a new IT service provider a couple of years ago, the leadership team was prioritizing a partner that could keep up with the organization’s growth goals. They had already seen what happens when a managed IT company ends up being a roadblock to growth, and Sharee, along with Chrane’s leadership team, was determined to avoid that situation in the future. “Our previous IT company had been with us for quite some time, and we just had too many hiccups to support healthy growth, so we decided to broaden our horizons, and that’s when we found Braintek,” Sharee explained.

Connecting Over Culture

“We just found them through basic Google searches. Braintek kind of fell into our lap because we were really intrigued after reviewing their website,” Sharee said. “We felt that they went hand in hand with Chrane’s brand. We are very experience motivated. We’re not just peddling bent metal and molded plastic. We’re trying to sell an experience. Braintek had a unique and very personal way of offering their services that we were drawn to.”

When perusing both Chrane’s and Braintek’s websites, the cultural similarities are clear. Braintek proudly brands its team members as the “Braintek Bunch,” while employees at Chrane proudly take on the title of “Chraniacs.” When a company hires passionate individuals, fosters their growth and creativity, and builds a culture of collaboration, it’s evident almost immediately. Sensing similar core values, Chrane brought Braintek in for an interview, and from that point on, a key partnership began to take shape.

The Show Must Go On

Helping schools, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals get set up with all the equipment and supplies they need to keep people fed and happy is the core of what the Chraniacs provide to their clients. They have test kitchens where in-house chefs showcase new products, give live and virtual demos to clients, and teach audiences the optimal way to use their products.

“It’s a really fun way to connect with customers, and it’s so important that the audio/visual quality is top-notch, that the screens are working, and that everything is being recorded,” Sharee says. Just like the appliances themselves need to work perfectly, the entire experience needs to be seamless in order for customers to trust Chrane’s products. With Braintek on board, the team at Chrane can focus on getting the test kitchen ready for each show instead of troubleshooting technology issues.

Guiding the Way

Braintek is just a phone call or email away from the entire Chrane team. They are there if Microsoft Outlook stops working for some reason, if there’s an internet outage, or even if one of the speakers in the test kitchen isn’t connecting to the audio system correctly. But they do a lot more than quick fixes and network updates. “We just expanded our Houston office,” relates Sharee. “We moved and needed help finding someone for cabling, as well as audio/visual setups, and they recommended fantastic companies for us to work with. We don’t work in the industry, and we don’t know who is worth the time or money, but Braintek does.”

Most business leaders know very little about what IT does for their business. Being able to rely on a managed IT provider and knowing that they won’t steer your company in the wrong direction is priceless. Braintek has also reduced network breaches and ransomware attacks through heightened security measures. One of the biggest risks to the cybersecurity of an organization is its own employees. Without the proper education on how to spot a phishing attack or secure passwords properly, even the best employees can put their employer at risk. Luckily for Chrane, Braintek has implemented cybersecurity protections and employee training policies to insulate the company from IT risks. “They’ve been really, really good about educating our team. We get test emails every month, and now [we] know how to identify them in an instant,” says Sharee.

Becoming Family

The team at Braintek aren’t just an IT resource; they are an integral part of Chrane’s team. “I pride myself in feeling like this company is my family, and Braintek feels like an extension of that family. I don’t feel any apprehension to work with them. They’re amazing,” Sharee gushed. She hasn’t yet had a chance to refer Braintek to other business leaders, but her partner is planning on opening a business soon, and she already knows who she’s going to recommend for his IT needs. You guessed it—Braintek.