One of the most important decisions you’ll make as a business owner.

Tired of wasting resources and time on computer and network issues that negatively impact business productivity and growth?

Whether you have a small business with a staff of three or four, or run a larger enterprise with a few hundred employees, productivity and, ultimately, your bottom line depend on the performance of your business computer systems. You know you need professional IT support services, but where do you get them?

Why, from Braintek, of course!

The Braintek team of technical professionals specialize in providing comprehensive IT support services to businesses in Pasadena, Texas for one flat monthly fee.

Yes. One flat monthly fee. Unlimited professional support.

  • Anti-Spam
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Business Computer Troubleshooting
  • Cloud Data Backup for Business
  • Network Setup and Configuration
  • Computer Repair Data Recovery Services
  • Emergency IT Support
  • Flat Rate IT Support
  • Flat Rate Support Program
  • Network Server Support and Monitoring
  • Private Cloud
  • Remote IT Support
  • Scheduled Onsite Technical Support
  • Server Optimization
  • Unlimited Help Desk

With Braintek, you have unlimited access to an array of the latest technological services and tools, including regularly scheduled onsite maintenance visits, round-the-clock network monitoring, cloud services, data backup, and much more. And you get all of it for one flat monthly fee.

Now, your Pasadena business can enjoy dedicated, experienced IT support just like the larger companies do, but for a fraction of the price. Let Braintek handle your computer and network support needs, so you can get back to the business of…well…your business.

Flat monthly fee. Worry free IT.